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send_event(BlahEvent()) -> onBlah($event) More...

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Public Member Functions

 i_am (Extension $child)
 get_priority ()
 Override this to change the priority of the extension, lower numbered ones will recieve events first.

Public Attributes

 this theme's Themelet object

Detailed Description

send_event(BlahEvent()) -> onBlah($event)

Also loads the theme object into $this->theme if available

The original concept came from Artanis's Extension extension --> Then re-implemented by Shish after he broke the forum and couldn't find the thread where the original was posted >_<

Member Function Documentation

Extension::get_priority ( )

Override this to change the priority of the extension, lower numbered ones will recieve events first.

Reimplemented in BanWords, Downtime, ImageBan, IPBan, NotATag, Ratings, ResolutionLimit, Tag_History, TaggerXML, WordFilter, Handle404, Upgrade, and Upload.

Extension::i_am ( Extension child)

Member Data Documentation


this theme's Themelet object

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