Shimmie2 / SCore

Each extension has a theme with a specific name -- eg.

the extension Setup which is stored in ext/setup/main.php will have a theme called SetupTheme stored in ext/setup/theme.php. If you want to customise it, create a class in the file themes/mytheme/setup.theme.php called CustomSetupTheme which extends SetupTheme and overrides some of its methods.

Generally an extension should only deal with processing data; whenever it wants to display something, it should pass the data to be displayed to the theme object, and the theme will add the data into the global $page structure.

A page should make sure that all the data it outputs is free from dangerous data by using html_escape(), url_escape(), or int_escape() as appropriate.

Because some HTML can be placed anywhere according to the theme, coming up with the correct way to link to a page can be hard -- thus we have the make_link() function, which will take a path like "post/list" and turn it into a full and correct link, eg /myboard/post/list, /foo/index.php?q=post/list, etc depending on how things are set up. This should always be used to link to pages rather than hardcoding a path.

Various other common functions are available as part of the Themelet class.