Shish: testsame line test next line >>>
Shish: test anchor >>>
Shish: My heroes <3 >>>
Shish: This underground car park in Belgium came equipped... >>>
Shish: Most 2.5" to 3.5" converters are really expensive,... >>>
Shish: Mass Effect: Still not quite as open-ended as Nethack... >>>
Shish: this will be replaced~ >>>
Shish: moo[/code] moo [code] >>>
Shish: moobafb >>>
Shish: >>3051 moo >>3051 >>hello? >>>
Shish: 日本国 >>>
Shish: win \o/ >>>
Shish: awwwwwww <3 >>>
Shish: :D >>>
Shish: test >>>
Shish: happy drives ^_^ >>>
Shish: *comment* >>>
Shish: test >>>
Shish: That's really quite impressive :O Though AFAIK... >>>
Shish: Again with the "if I had a better camera"... >>>
Shish: If I had a decent camera, I could have got some really... >>>
Shish: Yeah, somehow the "film grain effect" texture... >>>
Shish: Why is win2k so popular for embedded things o_O;; >>>
Shish: Sometimes, graffiti is just vandalism; sometimes, it... >>>
Shish: how arty~ (testing) >>>
Shish: hmmm, sorry for deleting that comment, seems that the... >>>
Shish: and flying :O >>>
Shish: Cute... and wtf O_o >>>
Shish: Not only does miku make me happy, she is also making... >>>
Shish: 1920x1080, 32-bit colour, 60fps = 4 gigabit; for everything... >>>
Shish: o_O >>>
Shish: listening to The Birthday Massacre at the time <_< >>>
Shish: test code not bold! <a onclick="injection!">moo</a> [code!]code![/code!] >>>
Shish: This is tagged rule34 because it's a diagram of... >>>
Shish: Kittens are not always helpful :( They are fluffy... >>>
Shish: "other paheal"? This type of site in general... >>>
Shish: Shiny things :O >>>
Shish: Wait, what? Is that an entirely constructed house on... >>>
Shish: awwwwww :3 >>>
Shish: "That's not a microwarp drive!" >>>
Shish: I don't know what this is, but I'm impressed... >>>
Shish: testing inkscape :3 >>>
Shish: "Come back, we need more DPS". Well, yes.... >>>
Shish: Going for repairs, I had negative health left x_x >>>
Shish: We got into another fight, and I ran away /o/ >>>
Shish: Attempt #2: More people /o/ >>>
Shish: Everybody tries to get to the same spot <_< >>>
Shish: whoosh /o/ >>>
Shish: but not as many people as the enemy /o\ >>>
Shish: a bunch of people \o/ >>>
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