cyber: That is mr. FreeBSD! >>>
cyber: That is not that much actually, but I imagine now this... >>>
cyber: Also try sometimes to pretend that you are Googlebot,... >>>
cyber: Hmm.. I have noticed things like this many times, and... >>>
cyber: Is that Yotsuba? >>>
cyber: WTF. >>>
cyber: Oh noes... boxes full of illusion and time thieves.... >>>
cyber: lolol >>>
cyber: Looks yummy! >>>
cyber: I like bunnies ^^ >>>
cyber: Thinkpad, toughbook... nice, that's my nigga!... >>>
cyber: Cute, I wonder how it tastes, the more cute things... >>>
cyber: I've never used anything above Windows XP from... >>>
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