85: marimite sachiko yumi

marimite sachiko yumi // 1064x1517 // 185.5KB
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Anonymous1: It's mar I mite -marimite- not marmite. Google it.
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Anonymous2: I see both shortenings used, but it does seem you have the popular vote; changed~

328: Jungle_wa_Itsumo_Hale_Nochi_Guu razor

Jungle_wa_Itsumo_Hale_Nochi_Guu razor // 640x493 // 203.1KB
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Anonymous1: What series is this?
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Anonymous2: I think It's Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu Deluxe
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Anonymous3: yes it is
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Anonymous4: its Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu FINAL ep 3

812: liquid-cooled pc

liquid-cooled pc // 1024x768 // 223.5KB
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AnimeAddict: Inside sort-of detail. You can see the 2 hard disk drives for the RAID 0, the reservoir, the 120mm fan and radiator, and the very corner of the Swiftech Apogee waterblock. The pump is also hidden. It is mounted opposite of the PSU below the DVD Burner. The tube you can see going through the hole in the frame is the cooled water to reservoir hose.

813: liquid-cooled pc

liquid-cooled pc // 1024x768 // 256.0KB
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AnimeAddict: Purging the system of air ald leak testing. Every connetion is zip tied, and screw in hose barbs have both o-rings and teflon (PTFE) tape to prevent leaks. The video card used in this system is the Nvidia 7950GX2 a sinlr slot SLI setup. The waterblock is from Koolance ans is the only 1/4 tubing device in the system. What you see on the top of the video cards are the 2 return lines that enter a dual 1/4" to single 3/8" F fitting. In order of flow the system is as follows: Reservoir, pump CPU, F fitting single 3/8" to dual 1/4", video card, F fitting dual 1/4" to single 3/8" radiator, reservoir. The pump is mounted to the rear of the video card to the bottom of the case.

596: bunnies

bunnies // 600x403 // 22.4KB
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siona: I give you comments!

814: liquid-cooled pc

liquid-cooled pc // 1024x768 // 219.0KB
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AnimeAddict: This is myself finishing up the installation of the CPU water block. The motherboard is mounted to the tray I had to modify earlier to allow the hoses for the radiator to enter the case. On the left you can see where the try slots into the rear of the PC case. In the background you can see the radiator and fan which have not been installed yet.

725: animesoc meeting ukc

animesoc meeting ukc // 640x480 // 70.5KB
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Anonymous1: the previous slide was "ZOMGZ DBZ NARUTO!!11111!!!15", "...get away from me"
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Anonymous2: XD

815: liquid-cooled pc

liquid-cooled pc // 1024x768 // 116.9KB
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AnimeAddict: This is the back of the L shaped tray that the motherboard mounts to. I removed the rectagular section shown to provide a space for the radiators hoses. This takes a case screw out of the picture, but it did not bother me. I used a hacksaw, and it cut the aluminum easily and quickly. A bit of emrycloth removed the burrs.

598: blender elephantsdream proog

blender elephantsdream proog // 960x540 // 32.6KB
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Anonymous1: only another month until the premiere ^_^

629: gameboy hiscore photo tetris

gameboy hiscore photo tetris // 640x480 // 68.7KB
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Anonymous1: the sister follows in my footsteps <3
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Anonymous2: Also, kicks my ass at taking photos of reflective things :-/
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