2550: ilolled ryuji taiga toradora

ilolled ryuji taiga toradora // 1023x583 // 74.6KB

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Shish: test
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Anonymous1: test recaptcha success
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Anonymous2: test securimage success
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Anonymous3: SORT OF LOLD
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Anonymous4: so funny!
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Anonymous5: lol'd hard
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Anonymous6: taiga would beat you if she saw this...

2164: 6000 lolz quad sli voodoo5

6000 lolz quad sli voodoo5 // 495x710 // 66.3KB

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Shish: I don't know what this is, but I'm impressed ._.
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Anonymous1: I don't know what all of those extra cards are for, but the 4 cards stuck together are probably what it says up in the tags. The Voodoo series was put out by a now-defunct competitor of NVIDIA.
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AnimeAddict: Is there any more information on this?
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Anonymous2: quad sli of 4x voodoo 5 6000. each card worth about $2000 nowadays (2011) as they were never in the open market.

2: cat kunimitsu

cat kunimitsu // 1024x768 // 429.3KB
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Text Formatting Test

BBCode Extension

Formatting provided by the BBCode extension.

Standard Formatting

[color=red]Colored Text[/color]

And nesting:
A bolded, italicized, and underlined sentence.

Quoting & Code

>>A 4chan style line quote.
A simple BBCode Quote

Erik said:
An attributed BBCode Quote

BBCode Code tag.
[b]All[/b] [url=]BBCode[/url] tags [i]inside[/i] are [u]left alone[/u].

	Whitespace is 	
		left alone.

Emoticon codes are left alone and are not replaced with their images. :mad:


The black-on-black for a highlight-to-reveal effect in formatted, rot13 in stripped, and hides text from people who don't wish to know what it says.


  • Internal Image Links: >>1
  • Raw URL:
  • Simple URL BBCode:
  • Named Link BBCode: Google
  • Simple Link Wikitext: Index (Makes a link to the wiki pages.)
  • Named Link Wikitext: Main Page (Makes a link to the page named before the pipe, but titles the link with the text from the after the pipe.)


List tags. Not much abstracting here. Can use the * tag to make list items, or use li in brackets, or mix and match.

Ordered ("ol")
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3

Unordered ("ul")
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

List Nesting

  1. Ordered List

    • Unordered List; Using the 'li' tags

    • Unordered List; Using the '*' tag

    • [li] Unordered List; Using the 'li' tag; multiple lines

  2. Double Nest

    • [li]Unordered
      1. [li]Ordered

Emoticon Extension

Replaces text inside colons - ": :" with an embedded image with a name matching the text. :wink:
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DJ Mixerr: 1first

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DJMixerr: 2nd
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Anonymous2: this works?
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Anonymous3: [blockquote]I think this is pretty cool[/blockquote]

yes it is
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This does work?

prolly not
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Anonymous6: [color=green]Ready to toke[/color]

1073: arcueid tsukihime

arcueid tsukihime // 975x1386 // 134.7KB
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Anonymous1: Muy buena

1421: OO arcueid tsukihime

OO arcueid tsukihime // 539x866 // 54.0KB
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Anonymous1: Muy buena

2855: flash

flash // 550x400 // 604.7KB
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Anonymous1: PARTY HARD!

2851: firefox

firefox // 602x640 // 301.1KB
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Anonymous1: She is HOT!
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Anonymous2: Id tap that. Get hella burned, but id tap that

2728: computer error ilolled photo vuvuzela

computer error ilolled photo vuvuzela // 2048x1536 // 915.5KB
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Anonymous1: My shiny new 1TB hard drive is full of bees :(
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Anonymous2: Oh noez it's the vuvuzela virus!! We're all DOOMED!
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Anonymous3: Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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artanis00: That's awesome. How do I get my computer to do this?

(or, more accurately, how do I get someone else's computer to do this?)
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Anonymous4: Damn, one of my PCs did this. Crappy WD drive. The first few sectors of it got corrupted. Getting a seagate next time.

2014: test

test // 1280x720 // 124.4KB
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Anonymous1: Haha.

754: demotivator full_body loli opportunity sitting text

demotivator full_body loli opportunity sitting text // 750x600 // 52.7KB
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Anonymous1: Lmao. This is great :D
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Anonymous2: ahaa.
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Anonymous3: lol thats to funny
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