Link to Image



There is one option in Board Config: Text Link Format. It takes the following arguments as well as plain text. <pre> || arguments || replacement || || $id || The image ID. || || $hash || The MD5 hash of the image. || || $tags || The image's tag list. || || $base || The base HREF as set in Config. || || $ext || The image's extension. || || $size || The image's display size. || || $filesize || The image's size in KB. || || $filename || The image's original filename. || || $title || The site title as set in Config. || </pre> <p>Link to Image will default this option to '$title - $id ($ext $size $filesize)'. <p>To reset to the default, simply clear the current setting. Link to Image will then fill in the default value after the save. <p>To leave the setting blank for any reason, leave a space (' ') in it.

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