3378: notag

notag // 550x780 // 28.2KB
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dej1k0: cute shiba saaaaaaaaan

3370: بارداری علائم

بارداری علائم // 0x0 // 175.5KB

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ayub: علائم بارداری قبل از پریود (signs of pregnancy) می‌توانند به بانویی که حامله شده، برای اداره دوران بارداری کمک کند. شروع اولین علائم بارداری در خانم‌ها متفاوت است، ولی شایع‌ترین نشانه حاملگی عقب افتادن عادت ماهانه (پریود) است، و بیشتر برای کسانی است که عادت ماهانه منظم دارند. در صورتی که قبلا باردار شده باشید، ممکن است نشانه های بارداری جدید شما متفاوت از بارداری گذشته باشد.

3335: botw wiiu

botw wiiu // 1280x720 // 484.6KB
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bapu: sushi

3275: Whatever_This_is

Whatever_This_is // 500x278 // 441.5KB
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Lalola: What the heck is this?

3258: all night open test.

all night open test. // 76x142 // 5.5KB
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Lalola: Cool

3255: eve

eve // 766x718 // 69.2KB
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bobalab: do you have a pgp key? i got something to tell you maybe you dont know. your code is being using onn a .onion website. very bad. contact me.

1735: bandwidth rule34

bandwidth rule34 // 603x246 // 30.7KB

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artanis: Yeah. I am not following the rule34 tag...
Unless it's the... no... can't be. :/

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Shish: This is the bandwidth graph for -- It's quite possibly the most heavily used shimmie site, so I'm using it as a case study of how well shimmie can scale~
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Anonymous1: I have something like that in bw but a little less. My peak is 5.3mb. But not so many visits I'm pretty sure (the BW is high because the images are high-res prolly)

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artanis: I see, but since rule34 has its own meaning, tagging it makes more sense.

Also, that site is disturbing.

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shuugo: Yeah some images are quite disturbing
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cyber: That is not that much actually, but I imagine now this site must be burning 20 times this at least. Can you post updated graph? XD
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test: @artanis: Old

1569: 2007 debconf

2007 debconf // 1224x1632 // 491.3KB
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cyber: That is mr. FreeBSD!

1704: elinks opera screenshot

elinks opera screenshot // 1280x1024 // 62.9KB

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Shish: If theres one thing more annoying than sites which only work in some browsers, it's sites which work in all browsers, then explicitly block most of them anyway -_-

Shown here is opera attempting to log in and being rejected, and elinks logging in and browsing fine (after its user-agent was set to firefox)
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cyber: Hmm.. I have noticed things like this many times, and yes, it's very annoying cause I like using old browsers, (I have custom builds of some.) I noticed for example that Youtube could give me way more features instead of only basic playing video functionality in my old Firefox but no, they had to block it all for old Firefox versions. ...but a little tweak of user agent string with modify headers :) and everything works... lol?
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cyber: Also try sometimes to pretend that you are Googlebot, you will see even more funny things on some sites. XD

1724: comic comiket ilolled

comic comiket ilolled // 600x500 // 191.4KB
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cyber: Is that Yotsuba?
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