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artanis: Yeah. I am not following the rule34 tag...
Unless it's the... no... can't be. :/

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Shish: This is the bandwidth graph for -- It's quite possibly the most heavily used shimmie site, so I'm using it as a case study of how well shimmie can scale~
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Anonymous1: I have something like that in bw but a little less. My peak is 5.3mb. But not so many visits I'm pretty sure (the BW is high because the images are high-res prolly)

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artanis: I see, but since rule34 has its own meaning, tagging it makes more sense.

Also, that site is disturbing.

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shuugo: Yeah some images are quite disturbing
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cyber: That is not that much actually, but I imagine now this site must be burning 20 times this at least. Can you post updated graph? XD
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