2006 2007 cosplay crossover disgaea wallpaper


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shuugo: Now it works :P.
Too bad ImageMagick can't be executed automatically

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Shish: I am pondering using it as the default thumbnailer; but it seems randomly glitchy, whereas PHP's built-in GD is broken in known and work-around-able ways..

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shuugo: How about let the user choose?
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animemahou: If using ImageMagick would give better performance would seem desirable in the long run. Even so would be nice to keep a more compatible method to fall back on for systems without it.

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shuugo: Just a question, why transparency (black bg) on thumbnail looks this bad here? on my install it's very clean

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Shish: GD handles transparency better than ImageMagick :S

I suspect that IM can be made to work better, somewhere in its many thousands of options...
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Anonymous1: transparency better.