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shuugo: So cute the dejiko~nyo crossover.

BTW Shish your email is hosted at dreamhost right? It's impossible to reach you
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Shish: eh? shish and webmaster at shishnet both seem to be working from here...
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Shish: <Shish> if ever there was an outfit that made me want to crossplay... :3
<Kitty> go search on ebay for "gothic lolita"
<Shish> I know the genre well :S
<Kitty> :p
* Kitty wonders what she would look like in such a costume
<Shish> shotgun!
<Kitty> que?
<Shish> I am calling dibs on that design, and wondering about how long it takes to make a costume vs how long until the next anime con I'm going to :3
<Kitty> heh
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shuugo: last 3 attempts where returned by spunky mailserver.
Unfortunately I'm on the NFS inflation affected servers =_= but the mail I sent it directly from GMail.
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Shish: I suspect random dreamhost failure then... I run my own mail server as shish at, but I've been planning on retiring that in favour of my shishnet address :-/

Also, forum seems to be workingish, which I would link to now, except I haven't implemented BBCode in shimmie comments yet <_<