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AnimeAddict: If I recall correctly, this is an expandable tank. Not too clear on the precise working, but as the volume to be stored increases the tank expands upwards.
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Anonymous1: It's like two tins, one the right way up in the ground, and the other the wrong way up inside it with a rolling seal between the two. Gas is pumped in overnight when there is little being used forcing the top tin to rise, and drawn out as everyone starts cooking breakfast in the morning letting it back down. It means that a constant supply of gas can be fed to the tank by the utility company, with variations in usage by householders being taking up by the top can going up and down. The weight of the top can means that the gas is pressurised to the desired pressure, and the movement of the top means that the gas remains at constant pressure despite variations in usage. So it is very simple, but very clever at the same time.