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Shish: my first ever experience of using windows vista :3
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Anonymous1: Ah, nostalgia.
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anonygooch: lol, I see while vista has all the bells and whistles on it, its still lives up to the windows name of being a p.o.s system when it comes to being full of bugs, at least XP is half way decent, since I have never gotten BSOD while I had used XP, but I have had other issues like viruses and crashes and taking its sweet time ending non responsive programs when it claims that ending unstable programs is fast and easy during the installation slide show, but oh well, as long as I can play counter strike, I will be happy with windows XP.
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Anonymous2: Have you tried End Process in the task manager? As I best recall, that is sufficiently instantaneous unless your processor is busy.

It reads like something was run (a driver?) in real mode, which was intended to be run only after virtual mode started, though (not being an expert) I might be wrong.
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Anonymous3: This kind of BSOD is really common. It just means (usually) that a program fucked up REALLY badly, and it brought down the whole system.

It's happened to me twice with Adobe Acrobat on XP.
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cyber: I've never used anything above Windows XP from Microsoft and I'm quite happy about it. :)