alpha_channel diagram rule34


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Anonymous1: I lol'd Shish, I lol'd
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DJ Mixerr: So that's how it?? Huh?
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Anonymous2: How this is "rule34" evades me. I am an user from a parallel Paheal. The OTHER Paheal is full of child porn and dogs raping women. I was BANNED from it for a syntax error. How do I get back there ?
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Shish: This is tagged rule34 because it's a diagram of the rule34 archive's server cluster

There is no "other paheal", since this is not "a paheal", and there is only one in the first place...

If you want to be unbanned, I suggest emailing the staff with your IP and an explanation of why your ban was in error :P (Note that while I take care of the software, I'm not a member of staff in the paying any attention to users or content sense)